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Pastel Painting Again

Pastels have been grabbing my attention again, after a sojourn.  Here is a gallery of some pastel works from before.  It has been about 5 years since I looked at these paintings and I still love them.  This summer I have been teaching a six-week course at the Palo Alto Art Center called Pastel Intensive.  I have been asked to repeat the course for the Santa Cruz Art League this fall-- I am looking forward to it and am doing some syllabus preparation.    For the Pastel course we have been looking at still-lifes based on color and value--- pastels are an excellent medium for a beginning painter, since the artists chooses a color, rather than mixing a color.  Check out my teaching resources for an updated materials list.   This Gallery is landscapes, but I will have done some abstract, still-life and portraits in pastel.  I'll do another blog post for them, once I find or make the files. 

Ann McMillan