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The Drawing Zone


The Drawing Zone Workshop

The Zone is an immersive experience in all the drawing skills you always wanted to have.  We will focus first on proportional accuracy, then move on to designing careful compositions and mastering perspective, ellipsis and mass/value drawing.  By the end of the workshop, students will be able to design and compose paintings with strong skills for increasing accuracy in drawing. 


Day One Exercises: 

  • Morning: Proportion, Negative Space, Durer's Window, 3D to 2D transformation
  • Afternoon: Drawing by Feel, Planning Compositions, View Finders and two value sketches, Design the World.

Day Two Exercises:

  • Morning: Value Studies, Mapping Values, Mass vs. Line Drawing
  • Afternoon, Light/Dark patterns  in composition, How to use value to strengthen colors. Avoiding Chalk and Mud and what they are.  Twenty paint stroke paintings. 



  • Paper, 16 x 20 , or a large sketchbook.
  • Pencils,  HB and 4B.
  • Felt tip pen, not a sharpie.  Micron O5 are perfect. 
  • Eraser
  • Set of Water Soluble colored pencils or crayons (Crayan D'Ache is good brand).  Watercolors or gouache also welcome. 

Studio Equipment: 

Tables and chairs, easels welcome and helpful.  Some exercises require students to draw on a vertical surface.    Good lighting, i.e. a strong single spotlight for still-life set-ups.