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Dear Students,
Would you please kindly add to my testimonials page?  I am planning on approaching other local art centers with my classes and workshops, and would use your feedback as bona fides.  Thank you in advance for your help. 

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I came to Ann’s People Drawing Skills class with also no formal training but never felt intimidated. Instead I was challenged to use a variety of materials and approaches I’d never tried and encouraged to find what and how I personally liked to work. Ann never imposes her idea of how “It should be done,” but challenges her students to find their own style and follow their own interests. She’s a master teacher!
— Nancy F.
I look forward to working with you again, Ann.
One big thing I’ve learned in your drawing class is do it quick and move on. Give yourself a time limit and move on. Don’t fuss. Forgive the un-successes. It’s R & D. Honor “The Zone”
— Kathleen B.
Ann’s workshop was professional and well prepared with a lot of materials to choose from. Ann is a very nice person and a very good teacher, who cares about her students by creating a positive and inspirational environment.
— Rachel