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Plein Air in a new direction

Here is a new genre for me:  I call this painting McMillan The Old Gentleman in the Lake 22 x 22 inches mixed media no frame.jpgImaginary Plein Air.  It is imaginary because it is a painting done of a place underwater and impossible to paint en plein air.  The Valley was flooded in the early nineteen hundreds in spite of John Muir's opposition. Hetch Hetch Valley can still be seen, but only the top half.  I painted the Valley floor from old photos taken before the Dam was installed.  If you live in San Francisco, or in the north end of the Peninsula, you drink water stored for a time in this valley.  It was as beautiful  and iconic as Yosemite Valley.  So in addition to painting an imaginary painting of Hetch Hetchy Valley,  a layer of glass to depicts the lake level, and a 3doodler portrait of John Muir watches over the lake.  The 3doodle drawing adds a layer of political satire the the painting.  So maybe this work can be categorized as Political Satire 3D Sculptural Imaginary Plein Air.