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A Day in the Studio: As my whimsy takes me.

McMillan Walk in the Winter Woods 11 x 13 inches oil Today,  I just wandered around my art life doing various different projects-- I painted a pastel from a photograph taken by my sweet husband, who is visiting his mom in the Netherlands.  What a pleasure to follow my whimsy around my art world for one day, rather than doing what I ought to be doing.  I have not done pastel for years.  I had forgotten how much I love the media.  Oil paints are marvelous, but pastel have a special color integrity and immediacy that is a joy to work with.

McMillan  Jazz Trombone 20 x 16 inches oil

And painted a trombonist from my imaginations (and some peeks through google images.  I have been longing to work from life, but hesitate to engage with models--but from this painting, I need to do so, or fine some life drawing situations to sketch. I see some potential here, but it is severely hindered by a lack of true observation.