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Encaustics Workshop

Encaustics Workshop


Encaustics Workshop

Sunday, May 20th, 10 am - 2:30 pm in my studio. Accommodates 3 (min.) to 6 (max.) students.

$120 fee includes tuition and materials.

What is encaustic painting? Mix pigments with melted beeswax, add some unpredictability and creativity, a smidge of ancient tradition, maybe a blowtorch or heat gun and you have encaustics in a nutshell. Similar to watercolor where wet and dry dictate how the paint behaves, the encaustic artist manipulates the temperature — cold or hot determines whether the paints mix and fuse or remain separate.

In this workshop we will play with the medium, work with hot and cold wax techniques and enjoy the loveliness of real beeswax. A still-life prompt will be provided, and students are welcome to bring their own inspiration - abstract ideas, sketches, or photos.

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