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Oil Painting supplies

Oil Painting Supplies

Good Brands:

  • Lukas Studio (only available at Jerry’s Artarama)

  • Daler-Rowney

  • Gamblin 1980

  • Bad brand is Winton from Windsor-Newton— it is too cheap to be useful. Please don’t buy it. White is the exception— it’s okay if you already have some. Artist’s Loft paints are also too cheap to use.

Essential colors: 

  • 1 Titanium white, 8 oz. or larger tube.

  • 1 Cadmium yellow, or cadmium yellow hue, 4 oz. tube,

  • Indian yellow, 4 oz. tube.

  • 1 Cadmium red light or red light hue, 4 oz. tube,

  • 1 Alizarin crimson, 4 oz. tube

  • 1 Cerulean or Cobalt blue, 4 oz. tube.

  • 1 Ultramarine blue, 4 oz. tube.

Optional and fun colors: 

  • 1 Quinacridone red, or a true scarlet or magenta, 4 oz. tube.

  • 1 Phthalo blue, 4 oz. tube.

Oil painting medium: 

  • 2 cups Gamsol or other odorless thinner in turps can or tightly-sealed jar, such as a mason jar.

  • 1 tube Res-n-Gel® - Liquin is ok too. Res-n-Gel is non-toxic substitute for liquin. Gamblin also makes a solvent-free gel available at Michael’s.


  • A few Flat or Bright bristle brushes-- 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch wide. Hair or fur brushes are too wimpy for acrylic and oil; they are intended for watercolor. Bristle Brushes, please!

  • A 12 x 16 or 16 x 20 inch palette made of glass, acrylic, smooth painted wood. Paper palettes are frustrating-- if you want to use one, please bring a bit of tape to keep it from wiggling.

  • Cheap canvas panels about 12 x 12 or a bit larger for practice. A canvas paper pad is also fine. You will need tape to put it on a board for painting. Fredrix or Artist's Loft are both reasonable and inexpensive brands for substrate.

  • masking tape

  • Required: Paper towels-- Painters like Viva. The paper towels in the studio just don't work very well.

  • Required: Paper grocery bag to use as a trash can.

  • One small palette knife for scraping the palette, no. 8, 11, or 14.

  • Saran wrap if you want to save paint between sessions.

  • Flat boxes for the car for transporting wet paintings— pizza boxes or frame boxes work well.

    Larger equipment needed for field painting:

Please see annmcmillanart on youtube for an overview of my oil painting kits. [youtube]