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Drawing For Painters

Drawing for Painters

Jump start your drawing skills!

 Have you ever felt like drawing is too hard, or just beyond your scope, or that it would be really cool to be able to get the ellipses, perspective and proportions right?  Do you draw from photos but always want to draw from real observation?

My innovative and compressed approach teaches experienced artists to draw better, and beginners in all fields to ramp up their drawing skills quickly.  Check below for outlines of class intensity that best fits your needs or institution.  We can design the perfect curriculum together!

The Drawing Gym Seminar

Join me for a three-hour immersion into drawing with accuracy.  Emphasis will be on skills for drawing with correct proportion and perspective.   The focus on this class will be on acquiring the drawing skills needed to support strong paintings. 

The Drawing Zone Workshop

This intensive course will include proportional and perspective drawing, and some innovative ways to draw accurately. We will compose strong paintings with stable compositions. Never avoid a difficult-to-draw subject again!  Be prepared to think hard and learn at a fast pace! 

The Complete Drawing Toolkit Course

Get down to the work and joy of drawing from life.  Exercises and tools will be provided that help artists sharpen observational skills and work from real life. Choose what to paint and how compose carefully.  Geek out on perspective, ellipses, values and color theory.