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Fine Art in Color

Acrylic Supplies

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Jerry’s Artarama Prefilled Cart.

Good Brands

  • Golden Open - dries more slowly, acts more like oil paint

  • Michaels Liquitex Heavy Body (I don’t prefer the texture of this paint, but others love it.

  • Windsor Newton Artisan

  • Lukas Acrylic--order from Jerry’s Artarama.

Bad Brands - avoid because too cheap to  be useful.

  • Michaels Liquitex Basic

  • Winton  (Windsor Newton’s student grade line)

  • Artist’s Loft

Paints - basic quantities

  • 1 Titanium white, 5 oz. tube.

  • 1 Cadmium yellow or cadmium yellow hue, 2 oz. tube.

  • 1 Cadmium red light or red light hue, 2 oz tube.

  • 1 Ultramarine blue. 2 oz tube.

  • 1 Indian yellow or cadmium yellow dark or cad yellow dark hue, 2 oz tube.

  • 1 Alizarin crimson, 2 oz tube, alternates: "Magenta" or quinacridone red

  • Either or both of  1 Cerulean blue, 2 oz tube and 1 Phthalo blue, 2 oz tube.

If you want to paint large, please buy two 5 oz. tubes of white and 1 each, 5 oz tube of the colors.

Other supplies:

  • A few Flat or Bright Bristle Brushes-- 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch wide.  Flats are short and square. Brights are long and rectangular. Avoid hair or other soft brushes-- they are good for watercolor, bad for acrylic and oil. Avoid rounds.

  • A palette knife with a step in it.  No. 8, 11 or 12.

  • Required: Spray bottle for keeping paints on the palette moist.

  • Retarder--a medium that slows the drying time of acrylics, made by Golden

  • Butcher tray for Palette 12 x 16 inches at least.  Larger painting will require a larger palette. or a Masterson Sta-Wet palette, or make your own (see blog post)

  • Paper palette sheets, 12 x 16 to match the butcher tray.  

  • Required: Yogurt container or similar for rinsing brushes.

  • Cheap canvas panels about 12 x 12 or a bit larger for practice.  A canvas paper pad 9 x 12 or larger is fine. Fredrix or Artist's Loft are both reasonable and inexpensive brands for substrate.

  • Masking tape for pasting canvas paper to a board.

  • Required: Paper towels-- Painters like Viva. The paper towels in the studio just don't work for painting.  

  • Required: Paper grocery bag to use as a trash can. Lunch sizes work well.