Ann McMillan Art
Fine Art in Color


About the Artist

Plein air in Mendocino,  photo by Aimee Eriksen.

Plein air in Mendocino,  photo by Aimee Eriksen.


Ann McMillan is an abstract and landscape painter, and art instructor in Northern California. Ann McMillan began oil painting in 1997 after studying drawing, science illustration and watercolor painting since childhood. Ann studies the interaction of light and color in the tradition of California Impressionism. Ann always looks for strong and unusual compositions and color combinations. She creates art that reflects the vibrancy of nature and her love of close observation of the landscape.

Ann's teaching focuses on skill-building in drawing and painting.   For more about her teaching practice, please visit her studio blog.  Ann has innovated a way for students to rapidly improve their drawing skills. She has several classes that offer ways for painters to bench press their drawing skills. 


Artist's Statement

Art has always served as my translator and connection with nature-- a love of color and authentic observation that is best served in the great outdoors.  If my portfolio is wide, wild and varied right now, that is because it is meant to be.  After working in plein air landscape for many years, I opened my art practice into some stories and themes that had been appearing in my path for many years.  My installations and abstractions show my interest in a more intuitive and innovative art practice.  Both art paths call to be explored more, but are presented here with humble gratitude and a little pride.   The two themes of beautiful color and free-form exploration is telling of my personality and my creative vision-- I have stopped apologizing for them.  When I opened my art practice to new ideas, I predicted that these scattered art endeavors would scare me, excite me and lead me into new encounters with color in nature.  It has totally been worth it. I look forward to working more in these themes. My art is about true observation, authentic looking, and slow perception.  Mindfulness can be a way of art. 


It has been a pleasure to watch Ann experiment with style, technique, and form as she has developed as an artist over time. Some sixteen years after I acquired my first painting from Ann her works can be found in nearly every room of my home, and have become an integral part of my collection and life.
— L. Jack, Collector
Ann is one of my favorite plein air painters, and I would gladly devote a room of my house as a gallery of her work. I commissioned a pastel combination of several photographs I took of the plain of temples near Pagan, Burma. ...for me, the painting recreates the thrill of experience. Ann wasn’t there, but her perceptive hand puts me there every time I gaze at it.
— M. Patton, Collector.